Nature News: September 14 – September 21, 2019

 ❤ Jenny’s Apples (!) ❤

Photo on 18-09-2019 at 07.27.jpg

Photo on 18-09-2019 at 07.26 #2.jpg

Photo on 18-09-2019 at 07.26.jpg


❤ Jenny’s * Raw Herrings, Cheese & Raw Onion with * Lemon and Garlic Mayonnaise ❤

Typical Dutch dish, raw herrings, with finely chopped raw onion, and bread.

Simple, but highly nutritious.

Cooking food denatures all the goodness from the food, so eating raw, if possible, is best for optimum nutritional value (!)

I also made a special *Lemon and Garlic Mayonnaise: adding, half a lemon, juiced, and 1 clove of crushed and finely chopped garlic, to 2 Tbsp of Mayonnaise.

To Season:

Sea Salt, Ground Black Pepper.

Photo on 15-09-2019 at 14.15.jpg

Photo on 16-09-2019 at 16.14.jpg

Photo on 16-09-2019 at 16.15.jpg

Photo on 16-09-2019 at 18.22.jpg

Photo on 16-09-2019 at 18.22 #2.jpg

Total Cost: £1.60


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