Woman’s Politics Weekly: HOW to BUILD A WOMAN: ‘Just’ a woman… The Power of Connected Soul

Friday, 23rd August, 2019

Reporting, Base Camp, Tottenham, London

Woman’s Politics Weekly: ‘Just’ a woman… The Power of Connected Soul


‘Facing what you doubt, is what makes you STRONG’ -Protoje.

‘The truth sets you FREE.’ –Jah9

‘The truth sets me free as it encourages me.’ –Jah9

‘The more that I learn, through the little that I know, just humbles me, more and more.’ Jah9


-HOW to get rid of Racism-

Hypothesis: Racism, does not exist, it’s ‘classism’ aka hatred of the ‘poor’: white and black, let’s unite.

Racism is just used, as a tactic, as an excuse to infiltrate a country 1). to be prejudice and discriminate against various people’s in order to justify 2). colonial/land exploitation, or should I say, 2. a.). Business/financial corruption and 3). modern day slavery/labour exploitation.

The Black: White debate, therefore, will never be solved under this ‘pretence’, we are informed that Black and White are binary opposites and White and Black drift further apart in their struggle and fight for the truth and justice and realise, that actually, ‘hatred of the poor’, is a universal thing…


So, I make myself listen, to a report, (why do I do this to myself, this must be why I am a journalist) about an Indian woman, who comes to the West and (quite correctly) decides that her father and brother and men are evil, because they sold her off into the sex trade.

I listen to the Dad, who weeps, for her forgiveness, but at the end of the day, what choice does he have, when their finances are under threat and meals still need to be paid for.

I hear how he weeps, compared to the western juridicial system, he seems an evil man, but to me, he seems like a man, who has been thrown into the ocean with a rubber dingy, whilst the west, are sailing a cast iron ship, or titanic (?)

She forgives him, which is the best part, how can a woman forgive her Dad for selling her into the sex trade (?) But when you go back, to her native countryside, and see, how life is, you can understand, why she decided to forgive him.

Life is simple, food preparation and communal eating at the end of each day, is the goal of each day, money simply pays the ‘knapsack’ of things we need under our sleeve, in order to be considered ‘human being’s and be entitled to all the things the World has to offer, like some kind of VISA or taxation.

I do not see WHY this type of mentality to life, has been defined as a comparative between ‘West’ and ‘East’ etiquette, but my priorities also, are orientated, around food preparation, and communal eating, not cramming food in my mouth within a 20 minute ‘Health & Safety’ time limit.

Appreciating 1). the produce, 2). the preparation and finally, 3). the company, and then the food.

In a fast paced world, it seems, you cannot even live in the present, when you are doing the most ‘present’ thing: ‘eating (!)’

Children think pasta grows on trees and that chips are a plant.

This ‘disconnection’ may seem trivial, but it is, actually, quite vexatious when it comes to healthy social brain development and personal development. Â

This type of attitude, may seem easy, but it is making pretty much, nearly 100% of the population, think in the most AGGRESSIVE, CONFRONTATIONAL, BINARY OPPOSITIONAL WAY.

THIS IS informed by a ‘disability’ in what we call, ‘lateral thinking’.

This means, we can only see things, in binary oppositional ways, in black and white, but also, and worryingly, in confrontational ways, ways, fostering, conflict and arguments, always.

It is also, f*cking hilarious, because, usually, the 2 groups that are arguing, and even, start to use, verbal, emotional and psychological abuse on the opposing group, are both correct.

How has this been nurtured (?)

It is nurtured through, a lack of creative thinking, a ‘disability’ to see the world for what it is, through, lateral thinking, which is informed, usually, by speaking another language or mother tongue.

This creative way of thinking, allows you to see things, as different, but all the same.

 Just like ‘Love’ and ‘Lieb’, both mean the same thing, but they are different.

As I grow older, I discover these things (BINARY OPPOSITIONAL THINKING AND AGGRESSIVE, CONFRONTATIONAL BEHAVIOUR) say a lot more about ‘them’ than it does about ‘me’.

‘Facing what you doubt, is what makes you STRONG’ -Protoje.

‘The truth sets you FREE.’ –Jah9

‘The truth sets me free as it encourages me.’ –Jah9

‘The more that I learn, through the little that I know, just humbles me, more and more.’ Jah9

Peace & Love



The power of connected Soul

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