Politics Weekly: The ‘Brexit’ Trials: Crisis of Authority: Faces of the English Revolution: Part V

Part V

Reporting, Base Camp, London, Tottenham,

Thursday 13 June, 2019

“… When the lights go out in London, the work has just begun…” -‘Disturbing London’ -Tinie Tempah


Certain council and public services such as ‘Highway Maintenance & Street Lighting’ for Haringey contract provided by ‘Ringman Jacob’s’ until 09 July 2019 (?) have been outsourced, and this has been found to be largely due to, unfortunately, employees who are unable to deal directly with contracts themselves and the inefficiency and exploitation resulting from the outsourcing model, in Haringey and nationally.

Wednesday 12 June, 2019

St Ann’s Labour Party Branch Meeting

One of the biggest battles for Jeremy Corbyn and the ‘opposition’ has been ‘insourcing’ public services, once again and centralising these within the relevant councils, instead of having them private and patchy.

The meeting highlighted the fact that, switching from a council owned public service to private and then ‘insourcing’ again, is in fact far more expensive.

The private companies that these council and public services are outsourced to, have consistently let the public service down or exploited it, in such a way as to foster a new form of council management aka ‘Procurement’ or (?) potential Labour Policy.

‘The failures, inefficiency and exploitation resulting from the outsourcing model, in Haringey and nationally’ and ‘the huge advantage to the community and the workforce of directly delivered services’ were mentioned and discussed.

This is expensive to do, ‘procurement’: ‘re-insoursing’ from private sector and centralising back to the relevant council and making it a pubic service again.

For this reason, we will be using the assistance and expertise of the ‘Association for Public Services Excellence’ which has been used to deal with the recent ‘insourcing’ of many services by councils in the UK.

They offer support with insourcing (ABH and ABUI), for ‘Housing’ as one of two examples, deal directly with switching contracts and offer consultancy also.

This is nurtured by a priority to find the cheapest and most efficient option on the market.

The ‘Association for Public Services Excellence’ offers a service provider that is very suitable as it parallels the current need for staff consultancy required for ‘insourcing’ and is also a very promising option to invest or implement somehow, the APSE ‘insourcing’ model or an equivalent into many services by councils in the UK, into a Labour policy (?), given the success of St Ann’s prior Housing initiative which is now Labour Policy.

Using ‘the recent insourcing of many services by councils in the UK, with the assistance of APSE (the Association for ‘Public Services Excellence)’ THE STEPS TAKEN IN HARINGEY TOWARDS DIRECT DELIVERY, INCLUDING REGARDING:

Facilities Management (Amey)

Permanent Recruitment (Hays)

Council Estate Parking (Wing)

A range of HfH contracts

-The rejection of proposals to outsource Schools HR, instead creating a more focused service.

However, ‘we also note decisions at Council leadership level which would prevent major services coming into house, not only during the life of this current administration but tying the hands of the next’, which includes, 1). ‘the imminent re-outsourcing’ of contracts such as the ‘Highway Maintenance & Street Lighting’ contract provided by ‘Ringman Jacob’s’, ‘contrary to APSE’s recommendation’, 2). Removing APSE from its role in supporting ‘insourcing’ and 3). ‘Uncritically accepting private consultants ‘findings’ and refusing to progress towards insourcing waste (Veolia) contract.’

‘Haringey Labour therefore calls and will campaign for, the immediate reversal’ of 1-3 above AND FOR: –

‘All remaining outsourced service areas, including leisure (Fusion), EDT (Capita), and in Social Care, to be reviewed for potential insourcing, using APSE’s expertise, on timelines agreed with the strategic involvement of APSE.’

‘All new or extended services (including day centre provision, and new leisure provision) to be provided in house unless technically or financially unfeasible.’

We all thus voted in favour, of this 1). Motion, with ‘Mover’: Counsellor Noah Tucker.


Book, ‘Animal Farm’, From amazon.co.uk

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