‘Made in Africa’


‘Scientists have conceived,

Africa is the birth place of mankind,

African’s were the first builders of civilisation.’

Whilst we (Britain) were in the Stone Age, the Zulu’s were in the Iron Age.

‘They discovered mathematics,

invented writing,

developed sciences,




fine art

and built the great pyramids,

an architectural achievement

which still baffles modern times.


The 225th Emperor erected descent from Solomon and the Queen of Sheba,

he is the King of Kings.

The name ‘Haile Selassie’ means ‘power of the trinity’.’

There is also, a section in the Bible called ‘Song of Songs’ in Kings (amongst many that are hidden or ‘missing from some versions) and the woman he describes, is black

The 230-255 ‘kings’ or elected by g-d emperors of Ethiopia are also, mentioned in the bible.

From, Stephen Marley, ‘Made in Africa’

”Elect of God’: according to Ethiopian constitution, Emperor Haile Selassie pictured here in 1954 together with his wife and grandchildren, was descended directly from the marriage of Solomon and Sheba. His daily routine including feeding lions he kept in the grounds of the jubilee palace.’

From, Martin Meredith.

Photo on 05-06-2019 at 07.36.jpg

Photo on 05-06-2019 at 07.41.jpgPhoto on 05-06-2019 at 07.41 #2.jpg


A vast majority of Africa’s continent, being the birth place of mankind, of civilisation, of the modern disciplines and the bread basket of the world pretty much, provider of raw materials and mass exploited by corporations for these raw materials,

Means a vast majority of Africa’s continent, has been left in a historic babel of destruction.

The country seems at times, distraught by war, then civil unrest following our colonial interference and I FEEL WE HAVE A LOT TO ANSWER FOR, if not, a lot of forgiveness to beg, that will never be forgiven really, for many centuries at the very least.

Charity hand-outs however, are not really the solution to the root of problems in different African countries and realistically are not even near enough, to provide all the infrastructure and land developments a country needs, (Zimbabwe under Mugabe amongst other factors was a prime example of this futility) would you rather have a fish or a fishing-rod ?

The problem I feel, is land development, you cannot tell me there are not enough  natural resources in Africa when all our produce comes from this continent.

You need to plan the land, in such a way, that you can manage your water systems, to allow for these developments to take place, building canals and dams to collect water and manage the water and electricity and power systems, is one example of how we can unite Africa.

The Netherlands, as one example of water systems and land planning and management, WOULD BE underneath water, if it were not for their land and water management systems (building canals and dams etc) to collect the water.

Although the problem in the Netherlands is ‘too much’ water, collecting and managing the water in the first place can only be wise, Gold Dust, as it can provide power, electricity etc.

This may be far fetched however, as I understand that various corporations, steal water and ruin natural resources in doing so, however maybe this is time for a trade deal between African farmers, land owners and corporations, to unite under an agreed water system to provide for their farming, commercial and daily necessity needs (?)

One dam.

We just need to build them.

I am aware that some corporations, such as Danone, already do these types of friendly partnerships with local African farmers who have maybe, only 3 cows in their dairy, but to avoid taking their business and instead of ruining the land with their cows and farming, Danone buy their milk off of these (many female) African farmers INSTEAD and this means in turn, they can run their own business and support their families and live independent lives also as well as see the community thrive.

This seems to be a MASSIVE problem with big companies and corporations at the present moment, even political parties also, they seem to think in a ‘first or second age of imperialism’ style of mind where they truly believe they have to build everything and do everything themselves, when really, most things have been built and are already there and in the very capable hands of very capable people, already, in the first place.

Make use of what is already there and exists, it could save you a lot of money and through investment in people, it can offer your corporation in the long run, stability ‘Speak Life’.

Please leave our Land, like our Homes, as you found it when you entered.

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