HOW TO BUILD A WOMAN ❤ ❤ ❤ : Jenny’s Busy Week (!) Woman stuff (!)

Monday  20 May -Friday 25 May, 2019

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Monday  20 May, 2019

HOW TO BUILD A WOMAN: Jenny’s Busy Week (!) Woman stuff (!)


I keep a weekly cheese, butter or margarine, salad and garnishing (spinach, cucumber or tomato,) sandwich budget, of about £ 8 -£10 pounds per fortnight, that’s £5 per week.

It usually comes to around £7 pounds, however, as I tend to pick up a few bits and pieces, (like an extra bag of tomatoes, fruit or fresh bread, during the week), to make things a bit ‘brighter’.

I can also use this ‘vegetables budget’, to add to my meals during the week for an * extra boost of nutrition (sometimes I like to add a hand-full of fresh spinach to my hot soup, spaghetti, or mash).

And I can also use this ‘vegetables budget’, at the end of the week/fortnight, to make a soup or stew or even a spaghetti bolognaise or curry (using the spinach, and tomatoes or chick peas or whatever it is I have in the fridge or store-cupboard).

Please see also, ‘Jenny’s Chicken, Courgette & Tomato Soup’, available on:


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Because I tend to eat more fresh and raw veggies in the Spring/Summer, which also taste great when you roast them,

sometimes, usually more so in the summer, this ‘vegetables budget’ can come to £9.60 – £10 per fortnight, and can even ‘cover’ and be all inclusive of my weekly veggie allowance, for both cooking and salad/sandwiches also.

BUT because 1). I STILL HAVE 200g CHEESE from a fortnight ago, which means I am currently on about 100g per week, that’s 50p per week,

and 2). I have already spent about £7.60, on breakfast biscuits, crackers and bits and pieces, such as pickled onions (89p), and spinach (£1.50) and margarine (£1.23) and bread (95p) = about, near enough £5.50).

This means I have enough butter for a few weeks (£ 1.23), and cheese, spinach and cucumber left over from last week’s market, to implement and ‘MINUS’ this from ‘this week’s’ ‘sandwich/salad/garnishing budget’ AND,

This means I can minus these ingredients from THIS weeks budget of £ 30-£35 quid per/week on food, as listed in last weeks planning for this weeks budget in ‘HOW to BUILD A WOMAN: Monday 13 May -Friday 17 May, 2019’, available on:


of £30-35 quid and implement it into my Grand total of £ 21.86 and subtract it from this budget, which means, £ 35 – £ 21.86 let’s say nearly £ 22 = I still have £ 13.14 pounds left-over.

I spent 2 quid on a soya cappuccino :o).

Sorry (!)


Purely by ‘taking stock’ and looking what I already have, when it needs to be eaten, and thus ‘planning’, ‘organising; and ‘managing’ my stock,

I can 1). make a good cucumber salad to last two meals, with enough 2). salad left-over 3). for a stew, and 200g of cheese for 4). salad and sandwiches to last me a week.

With maybe, just a bag of cherry tomatoes or 1 bowl of red peppers or veggies from the market, to keep me going and makes things a little brighter this week…

That’s between £1 -£2 pounds, that I need to spend this week.

I managed to implement my sandwich and veggie budget into my breakfast snack budget.

I’ve saved a tenner £10 pounds, altogether WITH an extra £2 pound budget, ‘left-over’ for extra vegetables on the market this week.

I don’t need to spend any more money this week,

And can just f*uck off tbh.

-Most of the shopping needs to be done, next week tbh, cheese, mayo, bread, vegetables and canned veg, bulk things.

-I can even use the jar of gherkins from last fortnights investment, and the cucumber, to make my Jenny’s special *sweet cucumber salad, at some time, during the week.


Jenny’s Weekly FOOD ‘BILLS & BUDGETS’


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Olive Oil Cost: (1 Litre from Yasar Halim) £5.60


Jenny’s milk, bread, milk, crackers, margarine, spinach lunch & supper budget:

Photo on 20-05-2019 at 18.01.jpg


Milkshake Total Cost (£1.50) 20 Glasses from Morrisons, that’s 20 for 1.50 (!)

That’s twenty times more than what you get at Mc Donald’s (1 milkshake for £1.50 !)

Total Cost: £7.97


+ £ 5.60 Olive Oil = Grand Total: £13.57


Jenny’s Breakfast, biscuits, budget plus two 2 MEALS (steak slice and sausage rolls).

Photo on 20-05-2019 at 18.06.jpg

Total cost: £6


Grand Total:

£ 13.57 + £ 6 = £ 19.57

+ £1.95 for the Cyprus Potatoes = + approximately £2 pounds = £21.57 – 5p = £21.52p


See, that £ 21.86 estate of mine, was not bad (!) just off by about, 28p (!)

-See, by ‘planing’ and ‘organising’ your ‘Bills’,’To Do Lists’, you can almost manage you’re life and finances, accordingly.

Without really thinking too much about it.

By sticking to a kind of ‘known budget’ for each of my MEALS, for example, breakfast, (biscuits, milk, bread, margarine etc.) as one budget, separate from my lunch/supper/green veggies and stock budget, I can economise, and stick to a set budget I am comfortable with and manage this, each fortnight, to each week.

Spending about a fiver on ALL my Breakfast MEALS per week, and then a fiver on ALL my Lunch MEALS per week, and a lastly about a fiver on ALL my Dinner/Supper MEALS, that’s about £ 1 pound a day, per meal.


It also means I can ‘cross-over’ and choose foods that hit both the lunch category and the supper and veg or breakfast category, like ‘two birds with one stone’, and instead of spending money on twice the amount of vegetables I NEED, get for example a bag of spinach instead, that I can use for both a cooked meal/ a curry for example, and sandwiches/salad/lunch or tea too, for just £ 1.50 instead of spending double that, on veg, I probably won’t cook and then spending money again on salad too.

Its one way to economise, replace or ‘cross-over’ things and replace them for other things that you usually don’t like anyway, and use 1 item/vegetable, such as spinach then for multiple things (!) it works.

It’s also handy to plan meals, and allows you to choose, plan and organise your shopping so that you can ‘compliment’ your choice of foods and vegetables, within your budget.

So for example, fresh spinach and tomatoes, is a nice meal, so I bought tomatoes to cook this week.

If I had carrots however, I would have chosen, olives.

It’s all a fine balance, of chemistry, both bitter and sweet (!)

Getting, the ‘balance’, right is key (!)

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Photo on 20-05-2019 at 19.11.jpg




Washing-up: Done

Clean surfaces: Done

Clean floor: Done

Clean bathroom & change towel: Done

Photo on 20-05-2019 at 15.22.jpg


15:20  pm

As you can see, after a weekend’s worth of cooking (Thursday -Monday), I only have, 2 small plates, 1 large plate, 2 bowls, 2 glasses, 2 mugs, 1 fork, 1 knife, and 2 spoons to wash,

And some scissors, cooking knife, spoon, label etc.

As well, as the saucepan, and containers X 3.

Let’s see how long it takes me (!)


Photo on 20-05-2019 at 15.21.jpg



That was, exactly, 30 mins.


Photo on 20-05-2019 at 17.29 #2.jpg


Tidy/put away phone-chargers and cables in box (for convenience when cleaning/mopping the floor): Done


Photo on 20-05-2019 at 17.35.jpg


‘Sorting Laundry’


Photo on 20-05-2019 at 16.38 #3.jpg




That was, 1 hour & 30 minutes time it took me, worth of cleaning,

(washing-up, cleaning surfaces and floor).

This is my ‘GENERAL DAILY’ sort of clean.

I don’t always mop the floor however, not everyday, as I do not cook everyday, and I do not wear shoes in my house, only bare feet, flip flops or slippers, to keep it clean.

I use old pillow-cases myself, as ‘clean mats’, for when I am cleaning the floor, to stand-on whilst the floor dries, and to dry up any mess.

And to wipe my shoes on, afters.

Quite, handy,

Photo on 20-05-2019 at 17.35 #2.jpg


I use a mix of, two lid caps, of ‘Dettol’, and a drop of ‘Fairy’, into 2 litres of water, to clean. my floor, approximately, 2 x a week.

I also use a little more Fairy to squirt on the floor to get it properly clean, whilst I wash over it with a mop.

This costs me, about £2 pounds per month -every 2 months: I spend 25p per month on ‘Dettol’ (50p each, 1 lasts two weeks), £1 on Fairy and £1 on bleach (for cleaning toilet, shower and mugs only).

I also, odd another £ 3 quid to that budget, so about a £5 fiver per month-2 months, for things such as 1). anti-bacterial wipes (these are very handy, after a BIG-CLEAN’, to keep my house and surfaces clean and tidy during the week, a quick clean in the morning, to keep the flat clean until the next, usually weekly, ‘BIG CLEAN’.

And tissues and napkins and wet-wipes also (£2 about £2 per month), I find handy, for collecting crumbs (!) whilst I am eating and avoiding me having to hoover, all the time.

And cleaning up minor spillages.


I also, like to buy my own ‘liquid incense’ for the ‘cleaning’ water, and use this in my oil burners also, to make may own ‘insense’.

Depending on what mood I’m in, I usually choose ‘cotton’ or ‘linen fresh’.

They last a long time, several weeks, up to £1 a month, for me.


Photo on 17-05-2019 at 20.35.jpg






Left-overs ‘Chicken, Courgette & Tomato Soup, please see also, ‘Jenny’s Chicken, Courgette & Tomato Soup’, available on:


1 Stew/soup frozen and turned into 4 MEALS, with left-over potatoes turned into, 4 servings of mash, at less than 50 p each (!)

That was £1.95 pounds altogether, for 4 meals, seeing as ALL I had to buy for this particular MEAL myself, was 4 potatoes to go with it an keep me going for 4 meals.

So really, if

5 potatoes = £1.95

4 MEALS = x

That’s 4 x 1.95 = £4.80 / 5 = £1.80 (?) for 4 meals, to be precise.

That 45p per meal.



Photo on 19-05-2019 at 16.32.jpg

Meals 2 and 3 in freezer, with 4 portions worth of potatoes for 4 x servings of creamy mash:

Photo on 19-05-2019 at 14.06.jpg


Photo on 20-05-2019 at 19.11 #2.jpg


Photo on 20-05-2019 at 19.23.jpg


Please see also,


The ‘Great British Sandwich’…,

available on:




The limits and dynamics of the GREAT BRITISH SANDWICH, are endless.

There isn’t anything, you cannot put in a sandwich really.

If you can PUT it in a sandwich, I’ll eat it.

And it’s also, A MEAL.

In Scotland, they even had ‘Lasagne Pies’ and I feel, we English CAN, put that in a sandwich.

With ketchup.

“Shot-gun !”

Anyhow, let’s get down to business.

When I am not feeling well enough, or am too tired or too lazy to cook, the sandwich, is the perfect meal.

I use, 2 slices of multi-grain and seeded bread usually, as this fills me up and has lots of vital omega 3, 6 and 9 oils in the multi-grains and seeds, which can’t be found in many food, except avocados tbh, and also, it only costs 95p per loaf, in Tesco Express and lasts, about a week or more sometimes.

It is also, the perfect healthy snack (a slice of bread or toast), with the same amount of calories, as 1 Digestive or Hob Nob biscuit.

A slice of toast with butter, has the same amount of calories, as 1 Digestive or Hob Nob biscuit, with chocolate layered on one side of it.

Photo on 19-05-2019 at 11.26.jpg


It’s great, because there are no limits to WHAT you can put in a sandwich, for example, this week, I have made, a cheese, cucumber, spinach, and olive oil sandwich.

Together with just a handful of spinach, is enough, to sneak in and get your daily boost, with half a cucumber, (add some tomatoes) is really, between about 1-3 portions of your daily veggie fruit allowance.

And it tastes great !

Its also f*cking CHEAP: I can easily survive, more or less, quite healthily, on sandwiches, within a budget of less than ten pounds a week.

It’s healthy, the cucumbers help to clean our your kidneys, the spinach is a daily food requirement and the cheese has a good amount of protein, calcium and magnesium in it.

As about 200g of cheese lasts me one week, and 400g costs 2 quid in Iceland, I spend about £ 1 quid a week on cheese, 2 quid every fortnight.

I cut the 400g cheese in half, and put 200g into a ‘RATION’ container in the fridge, to last the week, with the rest sealed in the fridge, to last the fortnight.

I get the ‘Extra Mature Cheddar’ deal from Iceland, 400g at just 2 quid each, at the moment.

Photo on 19-05-2019 at 11.11.jpg


Sandwiches, have kept me alive, whilst I was homeless and in temporary accommodation, moving, and had no kitchen facilities.

They use RAW ingredients, like RAW vegetables and fruits (salad and cucumbers and tomatoes for example), and rare to find multi-grains and seeds which contribute to a very nutritious selection of vital vitamins, ingredients, and energy sources for the mind, body and spirit (!)

They also, are a great supplement to a soup or salad, a left-over meal, or if you are just feeling plain lazy, or too sick/ill to face the stove.


Please see also


‘Jenny’s Cheap & Cheerful Snack: Marmite Toast (!)’,

available on:


Photo on 19-05-2019 at 20.16.jpg


Toast is the perfect healthy snack a (medium) sliced piece of bread or toast is the same amount of calories, as 1 Digestive or Hob Nob biscuit).

I use, multi-grain and seeded bread usually, as this fills me up and has lots of vital omega 3, 6 and 9 oils in the multi-grains and seeds.

Which can’t be found in many food, except avocados tbh, and also.

It also, is f*cking cheap, it only costs 95p per loaf, in Tesco Express and lasts, about a week or more sometimes.

Marmite is even MORE PERFECT, because it has Vitamin B12 in it, which naturally boosts your immune system, can prevent you and cure colds/flu, just as you feel them ‘edging on’ and can even cure ‘bird flu’ in chicken’s.

And ‘CHEERFUL’ too !



Please see also,


‘Jenny’s Cheap & Cheerful Snacks: Jenny’s Sausage Rolls with Banana Milkshake (!)’,

available on:


Photo on 19-05-2019 at 13.25.jpg


These mini sausage rolls, only cost £1 for 8 in Morrisons, and are ‘home-baked’ in store (!)
They are perfect to dump in the freezer, and filling enough, (2 or 3 of them) to substantiate a meal and can provide for (up to) 3 servings.
Together with Morrison’s ‘Banana Milkshake’ (Total Cost 1.29 I think) (when I am not feeling all ‘up-to-it’ this ready-made milkshake, is really quite good and very handy).
It also, has added VITAMINS C, D3 AND FOLIC ACID too.


Please see also,

‘Jenny’s * Midnight Feast: Extra Mature Cheese & Duck Egg Toastie: ‘Croque Madame’ ;o)’, available on:




Please see also,

‘HOW to BUILD A WOMAN: Jenny’s Busy Week (!) Woman stuff (!), Monday 13 May -Friday 17 May, 2019’, available on:


Please see also,

‘Woman’s Politics Weekly: ‘Breakdown’ & ‘Recovery’: HOW TO BUILD A WOMAN: 28 April – 5 May, 2019’,

available on:


Please see also,

‘Woman’s Politics Weekly: ‘Guys want to open me, like Christmas’: Period (!) Surprise (!)’,

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