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HOW TO BUILD A WOMAN: ❤ ❤ ❤ Jenny’s Busy Week (!) Woman stuff (!)

Monday 13 May -Friday 17 May, 2019


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Monday 13 May, 2019

Jenny’s Pretty Tulips, (Total Cost: £1.89)

Photo on 14-05-2019 at 08.15.jpg


Mum’s Birthday Card (Total Cost: 25p + postage £1.35 = £1.60)

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Photo on 14-05-2019 at 08.17.jpg

Photo on 14-05-2019 at 08.20.jpg


Photo on 14-05-2019 at 08.21.jpg

Photo on 14-05-2019 at 08.24 #2.jpg


Photo on 14-05-2019 at 08.19.jpg


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Photo on 14-05-2019 at 12.04.jpg

Photo on 14-05-2019 at 12.06.jpg


Pink Fairy Liquid at Poundland: 520 ml for the same price as 433 ml ! (Total Cost: £1).

That’s nearly 25 % (20.1 % to be precise) extra (!) And it’s ‘pink jasmine’ (!)

433 = 100%

520 = x

520, 00 / 433 = 120.09 %


Photo on 15-05-2019 at 17.31.jpg


Photo on 14-05-2019 at 12.07.jpg

+ 1 bag of roasted and salted nuts (!) (Total Cost: £2 + £1.60 = £3.60).

Photo on 14-05-2019 at 10.38.jpg



Wednesday 15 May, 2019

Breakfast (!)

Photo on 15-05-2019 at 09.58.jpg


Jenny’s Recycling Initiative: Red for (glass) (ALREADY GOT CARDBOARD AND PLASTIC (SEPARATED) IN SEPARATE WHITE BIN LINERS), Green for (?)  White for (?)…

Photo on 15-05-2019 at 10.15.jpg

Photo on 15-05-2019 at 10.17.jpg

Photo on 15-05-2019 at 13.18.jpg

Photo on 17-05-2019 at 21.09.jpg

Please see also, ‘Jenny’s Recycling Initiative’ available on:



Printing THIS WEEK’S JOURNAL (5 Articles): pages (?) (Total Cost: £6.20 + 50p internet charge = £ 6.70).

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Photo on 16-05-2019 at 15.02.jpg



Thursday 16 May, 2019

Photo on 16-05-2019 at 10.19.jpg


The BIG ‘TIDY UP’ (!)




LAUNDRY: almost done

TAYLOR (shorten dress, 26.5 inches from under-arm to above knee, 4 inches to cut off, Total Cost: 7.50): Saturday pm

BANK: done

EE: done


CLEAN FRIDGE: Still to do !


Top-Up weekly Bus Pass: £ 21.20: Done

I’m already exhausted, and haven’t even bought the milk, or food (!) Looks like it’s ‘Monster Munch’ for lunch (!)


Photo on 16-05-2019 at 15.20.jpg

Photo on 16-05-2019 at 15.11.jpg


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Photo on 16-05-2019 at 18.06 #3.jpg

Photo on 16-05-2019 at 18.07.jpg


Photo on 16-05-2019 at 18.08.jpg


Finally done (!)

Fridge clean (!) and ready for the week (!) 1 bag of Spinach for £1.50, 2 cartons of Soya milk (60p each at Morrisons (instead of 1.90 each at Tesco Express) that’s 2 for £1.20), butter (£1.29), crackers (2 for £1.50) and pickled onions (89p), and banana milkshake (about 7 pounds Total Cost).

Yer, I still aint digesting cooked food properly.

I survive mainly on crackers, sandwiches, croissants, and varieties of varieties of crisps.

Everyday is a f*cking tea party.


Photo on 17-05-2019 at 15.05.jpg



Sometimes, at least, more so recently, I struggle with the household duties that I used to be able to do, even jobs that I used to do for other people before (!)

Lifting heavy laundry bags, and taking them down 2 flights of stairs, without falling, and folding the big blankets, without falling over, and becoming incredibly exhausted, and dizzy, is a challenge for me and it takes me a long time to achieve, usually about a day or two days, to complete it (!) Wow (!) That’s long.

It has been, the last 3 years, highly frustrating, especially as a woman.

I think men are used to being ‘Indian princes’ and having things done for them, most of the time.

Anyhow, we all need help sometimes I GUESS, we just don’t like to admit it (!)

But I am happy to say that, I have met a lovely Ethiopian family opposite my flat, who own part of the Pound Plus shop.

I always used to buy my intense from the mother, who unfortunately, was also assaulted by the man who stabbed me.

I gave her the contact details of this pt, so that she could press charges, as the police were complete f*cktards as usual, and said she could not press charges (despite having CCTV evidence this time) unless she had his personal details.

Anyhow, neither of us want to take him to court -he’s a right pain in the arse.

Now, they have taken over the Green Laundry (!) Which is great, as it means, I have a friend and a helping hand each week, and am more than happy to pay a little extra, for a small treat: to have my washing done and dusted, and folded (!) and they can make a little more money to keep the business going too (hopefully).

It is a small guilty pleasure/treat for me, that really helps me out, especially when I am feeling sick or not well, or have just come out of hospital.

Thank you guys -her son is also working in the laundrette now, for no pay apparently and he does such a good job.

Anyhow, washing/wardrobe (pretty much) ready for the week (!)

I love doing this before the weekend starts; it helps me to plan for the week ahead, stay organised and keep things efficient also…

For example, I can have less washing and laundry to do, and save money (!) -If I plan and organise myself and my clothes, what to wear/what is suitable/ and how many times I can wear them before they need to be washed.

It also means, I can sit back, and relax and enjoy the weekend (!)


Photo on 16-05-2019 at 17.48.jpg

Nearly ready for the weekend.



Things I forgot:

AA Batteries

Will mop the floor and add the finishing touches, tomorrow (!) Friday 17 May, 2019 (!)



Friday 17 May, 2019

I’m too tired to move.

Perfect day for ‘organising laundry’ day.

It’s also, raining outside.

Photo on 17-05-2019 at 15.10.jpg


Or shopping…

& cooking…

Although I try to do most of my shopping, at small local Turkish shops and independent grocers, that have fresh vegetables and try to shop ‘as and when I need it’,

I love Morrisons.

I love Morrisons because they do 6 croissants for £1.50 (!) and they are ‘home-baked’ in store (!)

They are still HOT in the morning, and fresh, and cheap (!) in Tesco Express they cost 75p each (!).

They also do bread rolls, like what my Opa and Oma used to buy every morning, for breakfast and lunch, and dinner for that matter, for £1.50 also (!)

Lidl’s IS ALSO, fantastic for these types of things, but not as cheap.

I have a budget, of about 15 quid a week for food, and another 20 on top of that, on snacks.

Let’s say, between 30-35 on average per week, to 50 quid if I am feeling adventurous.

By ‘planning and organising’ and ‘managing’ you can also reduce your food expenditure, dramatically.

For example, using food storage containers, and a freezer, means, I do not have to buy so much things each week.

This week for example, I have frozen chicken legs in the freezer, and vegetables left over from last week’s fruit and veggie market.

I always have onions and garlic in the fridge, olive oil and herbs, as these are the ‘staple’ ingredients, to start cooking any meal really in my eyes.

So, in effect, I ONLY NEEDED to buy a few things, to compliment what I already have.

I am craving potatoes, so I DECIDED TO buy some nice Cyprus potatoes (£1.95) from Yasar Halim, to orientate my meals around this week, as a staple carbohydrate (long lasting energy), to go with, whatever I choose.

And 1 bottle of Olive (Love) Oil ( 1 Litre for £5.65) from Yasar Halim, 1 bag of Basmati Rice (1kg for £1.50) from Iceland, and gravy granules (£1) from Iceland to add to the store cupboard, as I am out of stock.


Photo on 17-05-2019 at 20.14.jpg

Photo on 17-05-2019 at 20.19.jpg

Photo on 17-05-2019 at 20.20.jpg


That’s about £17 pounds so far (Total Cost) including snacks (breakfast biscuits, croissants), and supplies replacement.

I have the 5 chicken legs and the vegetables, in the fridge/freezer already, so I CAN use the chicken, courgette, tomatoes, potatoes, and rice to make enough for 3 meals, plus 2 meals, plus 2 meals = 7 meals altogether: watch and see (!)

Photo on 17-05-2019 at 21.12.jpg

Chicken, defrosting in the microwave overnight.

Photo on 17-05-2019 at 21.13.jpg


So, 4 Cyprus potatoes (1.89 for 5) on the boil, ready for tonight, 1 MEAL (mash and steak slice with spinach), can actually, last 4 meals.

With also, (an extra 3 potatoes) ready for tomorrow’s Chicken stew/soup & Sundays, either roast wedges or mashed potatoes with left-over stew.

So, the potatoes cost about, 50p per meal, when mashed… 25% more/extra, than if eaten boiled or as baked potatoes.

I also, spent a fiver, (which made it a grand total of £17 pounds) on a few bits and pieces, to compliment the potatoes and veggies I already have, and to make things a bit more ‘substantial’ this week.

1 steak slice, for tea (1.25 each from Morrisons) and sausage rolls ( 8 for £1 from Morrisons), to go with the gravy (£1) and potatoes (£1.89) and spinach (1.50) Grand Total: £1.25 + £1.50 = £2.75 + ££1 = £3.75 + 1.89 = £4.75 + 89p = £5.64 = x 5 meals.

Plus, we must take into consideration, this ‘£5.64’ includes ‘stock ingredients’.

For example, the spinach will last about a weeks worth of sandwiches/salad and or a stew/soup (3 portions = half a bag of spinach).

The potatoes will also last a week, 3-4 meals/portions, as you will see, I turn 4 potatoes into Creamy Mash for Friday, Sunday and freeze for Monday also.

Photo on 17-05-2019 at 21.37 #2.jpg

Photo on 17-05-2019 at 21.39.jpg


Photo on 17-05-2019 at 21.51.jpg

Gravy !

Photo on 17-05-2019 at 21.52.jpg



I also, have 2 potatoes left in the fridge, that can serve as an eight and ninth, emergency meal, Baked Potato (!)

Goes great with a bit of butter, salt, and spinach or salad, and grated cheese.

Which I have all the ingredients for, so I DON’T NEED TO SPEND any more money.

I keep a weekly cheese, salad, spinach, tomato, mayo, sandwich/garnishing budget, of about £ 8 -£10 pounds, per fortnight, £5 per/week, BUT because I STILL HAVE CHEESE from a fortnight ago, it was £7.60.

Sometimes this budget can come to £9.60 – £10 per fortnight.

Please see also, ‘HOW to BUILD A WOMAN’: ‘THE GREAT BRITISH SANDWICH’, Woman’s Politiks Weekly’ Monday 20 May -Friday 25 may, 2019, available on:


please see also, ‘Jenny’s Chicken, Courgette & Tomato Soup’, available on:




I can ALSO put the two left-over portions in the fridge/freezer, so I have one with the left-over cooked potatoes, either turned into roasted wedges or mashed on Sunday and one during the week also, with either rice, or left over mash in the freezer, or a baked potato (which is another eight meal), a ‘spare/emergency’ meal for if I am too lazy to cook.

Photo on 19-05-2019 at 14.07 #2.jpg

Photo on 19-05-2019 at 14.06.jpg


So altogether, that’s 3 stews/soups with either potatoes wedges or mashed potatoes for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and rice for next week, already planned and more or less prepared.

I also have dumpling mix in the fridge, and rice now, so there’s enough now, to turn those 6 chicken legs and the potatoes, into 3 meals, (from 1 stew/soup), and there is enough chicken and rice to make 2 portions of curry also.

For about 2 quid.

So that’s 5 meals for 2 quid.

Purely by ‘planning’ and ‘organising’ and thus managing the financial efficiency of my cooking/food, in such a way, that I orientate my meals around what I ALREADY HAVE,

And largely but mostly, by what’s in season (available from the local weekly market).

And also, a stock base, of dry ingredients as supplements to my meals: oil, herbs, garlic, onions, canned tomatoes, pasta, rice, corn, flour, dumping/suet, oats, etc.

Plus the two steak slice/sausage roll meals with the un-cooked potatoes and fresh spinach in the fridge (£2 quid + £2.25 = £4.25 GB Pounds.

Plus, we must also consider the stock necessities that were required for this weeks cooking: 1 bag spinach and potatoes and gravy granules for one weeks/months supply = 1.89 + 1.50 = 2.89 = Grand Total £8.28) = 7 meals.

Baring in mind, that I keep things this way and maintain my stock cupboard each week,

(like for example, this week I required, 1 bag of spinach, 1 bag of rice, gravy granules and olive oil, but some of these items, like the rice and olive oil and gravy gravels, will last me, several weeks, if not, months,)

I can maintain this, ‘budget’ (of about just under a tenner each week) and ‘balance’, accordingly, each week, to maintain this relatively balanced diet, how I like it.

Mostly seeds, bread, nuts, crackers, grains, biscuits, (which comes under the snacks budget which is separate about a fiver to £ 7 pounds all inclusive each week) veggies, second carbs, rice, pasta, then meat, cheese, and protein.

And, so for an extra £2.25, so £4.25 GB pounds altogether (Grand Total £8.28), that’s about, 7 very substantial meals, with either bread, potatoes, pasta or rice, and spinach and gravy depending on ‘what you feel like’ on the day, this week commencing.

Plus 7.60 pounds on crackers, butter, milk, bread/lunch bits.

Is 16.60 pounds, nearly 17 pounds altogether plus another fiver, on breakfast biscuits, croissants and two steak slices/sausage rolls for 2 meals during the week, rice and olive oil etc. is £21.85 pounds Grand Total.

With enough chicken left-over in the freezer, to make 2 portions of curry perhaps (?) with the rice… Yum

Done and dusted.

For, (given that I had most of the ingredients and therefore planned accordingly to prioritise my cooking and the ingredients and accordingly the financial efficiency), less than 10 pounds (1 bag spinach (1.50), 1 litre of Olive Oil (about £6), 1 kg Basmati Rice (£1.50) (9 quid grand total, but the Olive Oil, will last me, about 1-3 months, usually.

The bag of Spinach (1.50) lasts about a week, usually of sandwiches/salads and or a stew (3 portions worth/half a bag).

And the rice will last me, several weeks, even months, also.

Home cooked, healthy and cheap, Kosher, (minus the sausage rolls) for about a weekly budget (including breakfast and snacks) on 21.85 quid (less than 35 quid) AND I managed to ‘stock up’ on the food storage, that I was missing too (olive oil, rice, gravy granules and potatoes).

On average, I’m living off, £1 pound per meal, by making things myself, instead of buying them outside, roughly, about 3 quid a day, on food and saving nearly, £15 GB Pounds, per week, here in London.


Please see also, ‘Jenny Chicken, Carrot, Swede & Parsnip Soup…. with Dumplings (!)’, available on:





Photo on 17-05-2019 at 20.35.jpg


Jenny’s Oil burners


-I also, have enough, left over, to even, go out for a meal or two during the week.

-And my favourite newspaper, which has f*cking gone up in price by 50p (!) Aah.

-AA Batteries ( for £1 in Poundland): another guilty pleasure of mine: fairy lights:


Perfect for my ‘piece of paradise’ (!)


Saturday May 18  -Sunday May 19, 2019

Jenny’s Weekend


Photo on 18-05-2019 at 14.31.jpg


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Please see also,

‘Politiks Weekly: General ‘Brexit’ Bollocks: ‘Back to Basics’: Trash’ available on:


Please see also,

‘Woman’s Politics Weekly: ‘Guys want to open me, like Christmas’: Period (!) Surprise (!)’, available on:


Please see also,

‘Woman’s Politics Weekly: ‘Breakdown’ & ‘Recovery’: HOW TO BUILD A WOMAN: 28 April – 5 May, 2019’, available on:


Please see also,

”HOW to BUILD A WOMAN’: Woman’s Politics Weekly’ available on:



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