Nature News: St Ann’s, Haringey ‘Still Life’

Nature News: 8 May -14 May, 2019

From, Edith Holden, 1906

‘May 9. The Common Avens, Bugle, and Plantain are in flower, and some of the Oaks are hanging out their long hassles of blossom.

I saw a Moorhen’s nest today, it was placed on the stump of an old Alder tree, at the edge of a pond, just out of reach of the bank. The nest was built of sticks and pieces of dead reed and contained one egg. I brought home a big bunch of Blue-bells, Red Campion, and Wild Beaked-Parsley, the latter is showing it’s white umbels of blossom in every hedge-row.

May 11. Saw a dead Hedge-hog curled up by the roadside.

May 12. Went to Stratford on Avon, and walked to shimmery across the meadows. On the way I gathered Hawthorne blossom from the hedges, and saw fields of yellow with Buttercups and banks of blue Speedwell. The Dandelions were a wonderful sight along the railway cutting.

May 14. Visited the violet-wood this evening; it is quite green and shady there now, as most of the trees are Firs and Sycamores and the latter are in full leaf. The ground was covered with Wild Arums, all in flower, -their pale green spathes gleaming out very conspicuously agains the red earthen banks where the rabbits burrow. Some of the sheathes were spotted and I found one deep, reddish purple in colour. The large, handsome green leaves that were so beautiful in the early spring, are now beginning to wither away, as the flowers attain maturity.

I noticed the flower just coming on the Beech, -scarcely distinguishable from the tender green of the foliage. Oak-apples are plentiful now on the Oak-trees.’

Monday, 13 May, 2019

Photo on 13-05-2019 at 19.03 #2.jpg

Photo on 13-05-2019 at 19.03.jpg

Photo on 13-05-2019 at 19.01.jpg

Photo on 13-05-2019 at 19.04.jpg

Photo on 13-05-2019 at 19.04 #2.jpg

Photo on 13-05-2019 at 19.05.jpg

Photo on 13-05-2019 at 19.05 #2.jpg

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