Nature News: 15th April – 21st April

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Please see also, ‘Nature News: 15th April – 21st April’, available on:


From, Edith Holden, 1906

‘April 15. Easter Sunday, Another brilliant day. Saw a pair of House Martins, watched some Trout in the Leet and found a Chaffinch’s nest nearly finished in a young Hawthorne.

April 17. Pink Campion in bloom. Walking through the fields, came upon quite a grove of young Cherry-trees in blossom, growing all along the top of the banks. The wall-banks that divide the fields here and run along the lanes are beginning to be enamelled with little flowers and ferns, and on the broad tops, crowned with low hedges, the Blue-bells are coming up very thickly. The Blackthorn bushes are a wonderful sight just now, their masses of snowy blossom making a striking contrast with the deep gold of the Gorse.

Miss. B had some lovely Pasque Flowers sent her from Oxfordshire this morning.

April 19. Bright sun and strong North East wind. Set out for a walk to Lowry. going over Yannadon Down we sae a young Hare lying in its’ form among the Gorse bushes. it lay quite still till we had all but trodden on it, when it dashed off among the heather and gorse. Going down the long, steep lane to Lowry, we found some pink Milk-wort, Tormentil and Germander Speedwell in flower on the bank. Opposite the Leatman’s little white, thatched cottage we turned off the road, over the Leat, and across the marshy gorse covered ground that stretches down to the edge of the lake. here the Gorse and Blackthorn blossom was very fine and in the bogs we found Marsh Violets and the Small Water Crowfoot but there are very few of the bog-flowers out as yet. We also found a good many blossoms of the Lousewort.At the edge of the Leat, on the shady side, the icicles were hanging in clusters on the long mass that overhung the water. In Lowry Lane just below the quarry I saw one of the prettiest Blackbird’s nests I have every seen; it was all made of moss and placed in the fork of a Gorse bush, growing close beside the road. The mother bird was sitting on the nest and gazed at us with her bright black eyes, but never stirred from her post.

In the afternoon went to Huckworthy Bridge that spans the river Waltham; Down hill all the way. In the meadows beside the river I was surprised to find the blue Alkanet already in blossom just where I found it in July last year, on the over-hanging bank beside the river; The Primroses were thick along the field-banks and I gathered Cuckoo flowers, Red Campion and Bluebells and Bullace; on the way home saw a Horn-Beam tree in flower.

April 20. Today I saw and heard the Chiff-Chaff for the first time this year. A number of them seem to have arrived in the neighbourhood, as I saw three different birds, I also saw Stone-Chats for the first time on the moor…’

From, Edith Holden, 1906


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