My Labour Love Affair: Employment, Department of (1970-95)

Employment, Department of (1970-95):

‘The ministry of Labour was the antecedent to the modern Department of Employment. Created in 1916, it was a response to the Labour requirements of the Great War and a reflection of the increasing influence of the labour movement. There had been a labour department at the *Board of Trade since 1893 and the ministry soon assumed responsibility for a number of responsibilities previously exercised by the Board of Trade and the Board of Education, for example industrial relations, labour exchanges, employment statistics, and youth employment. During the inter-war period, the ministry concentrated upon unemployment issues, and evolved into one of the largest departments of state. Nevertheless it was the’ (see also,) *Second World War ‘that had the greatest impact upon the ministry. The need to provide military training resulted in 1939 in the Ministry of Labour being transformed into the mInistry of Labour and National Service. In 1959, the ministry reverted back to the Ministry of Labour until in 1968 it became the Department of Employment and Productivity, streamlining to the Department of Employment in 1970. In 1995 the department merged with the Department of Education to form the Department for Education and Employment, a move to integrate the converging worlds of education and training’.

From, John Ramsden, Professor of Modern History at Queen Mary, University of London.

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