My Labour Love Affair: National Union of Manufacturers

(See also,) *European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), available on:

National Union of Manufacturers:

‘Was formed in 1915 as the British Manufacturers’ Association by Dudley *Docker and, after a brief but abrasive relationship with Docker’s other creature the *Federation of British Industries (FBI) (in which the smaller body rejected the FBI’s cautious approach to tariff protection), set itself up as the National Union of Manufacturers in 1917. Until the late 1950’s it strove to present the view of the smaller manufacturer against trade unions, ‘big government’, and to a large extent ‘big business’ also. Shortly before merging with the FBI and the *British Industries in 1965, it changed its name again to the National Association of British Manufacturers, partly to avoid the confusion of its abbreviation with the National Union of Mineworkers’.

From, John Ramsden, Professor of Modern History at Queen Mary, University of London.

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