28 reasons WHY we should JOIN the EU: Nationalised Industries Committee

Nationalised Industries Committee:

‘A select committee created in 1955, appointed on a sessional basis. It was established following the recommendation of the select committee of 1953 which had been established to investigate the relationship between parliament and the nationalised industries. When it initially met, Members from both sides of the House felt its remit was too narrow and the government agreed to expand it. The committee differed from previous select committees in being a tool for political accountability rather than to expedite legislation. Though it had no supervisory role, it did scrutinise the accounts of nationalised industries. Its role expanded at the time of the creation of the Crossman committees (see Commons, House Of: *’Crossman Select Committees’) in 1966-9. By 1967 it covered the Post office and by 1969 the Wireless Ltd, the Tote, and certain bank of England activates. It was abolished in 1979 as part of the general reform of select committees’.

References: Ramsden John, The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century British Politics, Oxford, 2002.

From, John Ramsden, Professor of Modern History at Queen Mary, University of London.

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