26 reasons WHY we should JOIN the EU

Dominion status:

‘Constitutional status achieved early in the century -following the grant of complete self-government -only by colonies with an overwhelmingly white population (South Africa excepted). By 1923 the dominions included Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Irish free State, and Newfoundland, their affairs looked after in Whitehall by a separate Dominions Office, 1925-47. In 1947 India and Pakistan became the first non-white dominions but the term was soon dropped as more non-white areas achieved independence’.

References: John Darwin, ‘A Third British Empire? The Dominion idea in Imperial Politics’, in Judith M. Brown and W. Roger Louis (eds.), ‘Oxford History of the British Empire’, vol. 4, Oxford, 1999.

References: Ramsden John, The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century British Politics, Oxford, 2002.

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