The BreXit Files

Crisis of Authority: The Brexit Trials: Reporting the News

Often, simultaneously, news and media propagandised on behalf of various parties to the developing conflict.

News and newspapers have thus encouraged an unprecedentedly wide and deep sense of civic duty and involvement, and arguably have also had the effect of hardening factional differences.

The news and newspapers have provided eyewitness, or what purported to be eyewitnesses, accounts of ‘the guilty fives” trials, (The vote Leave Campaign etc. etc.) and execution very shortly after they occurred.

In 2018, many in Parliament who had initially wanted to restrict the Conservative party’s powers, hesitated to remove them from their seats; they favoured a negotiated end to hostilities.

Yet the powerful leaders of the British Army and British national security, were convinced that ‘the guilty five’ were a threat to a reorganised commonwealth.

Even if ‘the guilty fives” dealt with their opponents on good faith, which we all doubted, they would be a constant rallying point for opposition to their policies.

Conceivably, the ‘Brexit’ war wold never be over.

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