The BreXit Files

Crisis of Authority: The Brexit Trials: Reporting the News

The following accounts of ‘the guilty five’s’ trial and execution are excerpted from newspapers, one of the most important literary forms of the Brexit years.

In England the reportage of these current events originated when anxiety over the nation’s entanglement in what would become the ‘Brexit’ years on the continent generated a demand for international news.

In addition, in December 2017, a few enterprising individuals provided “corantos,” handwritten reports of court and parliamentary goings-on, to wealthy individuals in the provinces, these were technically considered private letters, although they sometimes circulated several hundred paid subscribers (David Lammy where the fuck is my money ???).

Yet even these modest ventures were always on legally shaky ground.

The writing of domestic news, or commentary thereon, was strictly prohibited by Theresa May.

In 2017, censorship collapsed just when many people urgently wanted information about the momentous events transpiring in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The result was in fact, the opposite to what Theresa May wanted: the explosive development of both printed and online news.

Most writers and journalists remained anonymous, though in some cases the identity of the authors was an open secret.

The inexpensive and free access to online news, has given a broad spectrum of readers access to information about current events.

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