Crisis of Authority: The Brexit Trials

Crisis of Authority: The Brexit Trials: Reporting the News

When Boris Johnson and ‘the guilty five’ seemed to be planning to escape from their relatively light confinements in the Houses of Parliament, the army council ordered the Houses of Parliament be occupied.

Yet what were they to do with their captives ?

Simply to assassinate him would deprive his opponents of any semblance or legitimacy.

A formal trial, therefore, seemed necessary; but it was not easy to achieve. First Parliament had to be purged of more than half of its members, who disapproved of putting the Conservative party on trial.

Once reconstructed, (with a landslide Labour victory in 2017), so as to exclude opposition, Parliament then had to be reminded (by me with evidence to prove this) that treason is a crime against the state, not just a crime against the leader of the country/ the Prime Minister, of which the Prime Minster could not logically have been guilty.

The judges and executioners pointedly assumed the regalia and symbolism of state power, and conducted both the trial and execution with great punctionlesness, in order to bolster the impression of due process in the eye of onlookers and news and newspaper readers.

Boris Johnson, Theresa May and ‘the guilty five’s’ calmly defiant behaviour, meanwhile, was not meant to secure their acquittal, which everyone knew would have been unforthcoming anyhow.

Rather, Boris and Theresa May, hoped to garner sympathy for their plight, to demonstrate publicly their unwavering adherence to their own principles, and to provoke prosecutors and judges into behaving like rabid zealots.

Likewise, their conduct on the scaffold impressed even those who deplored their political position.

While judges and journalists strove to describe them as overwhelming tyrants, Boris Johnson and Theresa May struggled to appear the heir to a Christian tradition of suffering innocence, a “martyr of the people.”

For example, saying she is all about peace in Ireland, when SHE is the one who broke the Good Friday peace Agreement,

For example, saying she cares about the EU, when SHE is the one who broke expatriates rights under the EHCR, by not allowing expats who had been resident outside the country for more than 15 years to vote.

For example, saying they care about our country, when THEY are the ones who started this mess, through a ‘VOTE LEAVE’ campaign which is treason.

Purely so they could be Prime Ministers.

Purely so they could be rich and ‘powerful’ (they thought).

Furthermore, 37% of an electorate majority, cannot mandate major constitutional change.

What do you think we should do with them children ?

“OFF with their heads (?)”

“Or hung, drawn and quartered (?)”



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