HOW TO BE A MILLIONAIRE (?) ‘ALAN’S MONEY TIPS’, Wednesday 23 May, 2018



‘ALAN’S MONEY TIPS – THE JOBBER’S TURN’, Wednesday 23 May, 2018

‘Do not at any time underestimate the possible monetary contribution available even to benefits claimants from trading on the world’s sock markets. Stock or shares in company ownership are traded with a pricing differential. In general terms shares are bought at a higher price than they are sold for leaving a margin for the vendor (jobber) and the buyer or seller. For example assuming a 10% price differential and a jobbers commission of 5% only there is then a further 5% margin available to the client.’

Markets rise and fall in value according to perceived consumer confidence and occasionally markets collapse or crash altogether as old methods make way for new methods of satisfying global consumer demand. Large scale trading following a market crash as under new Labour for example can and does in fact present the most significant trading profit from share buying and selling.

Exploiting the jobbers turn can be done at any time however simply by covering the markets at opening times around the world and selling at or just before closing times on the same days trading. This is known as taking profits so a large balanced share portfolio is needed to derive a cash payment to the client but no share ownership.

Stock is purchased for two reasons only; dividend payment or share of company profits and a capital gain i.e an appreciation in the value of shares. Capital appreciation is guaranteed by the act of buying on its own however care should be taken to determine the price at which the shares were first bought assuming asset disposal is not taking place on the same day as asset purchase or acquisition.

Targeting shares performing at a rate exceeding bank interest or the internal rate of return also guarantees profits. Current upward trends include aggregates fuel construction clothing & textiles agribusiness and non-prescription medication.

My Wall Street stock broker is Mr George Sorros. For further advice on your budget and spending plans why not do a google search for Martin’s Money Tips. My name is Alan Malik Dennis-Smith and you heard it here first.’

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